Bloomsburg Downtown Fire

Area firefighters remained in Bloomsburg downtown throughout the afternoon after three buildings were destroyed in an early morning fire.

An early Sunday morning fire sent two people to the hospital, destroyed 3 buildings and left 22 residents homeless according to a WBRE News story.

The fire apparently started around 6 am in the second floor apartment’s kitchen at 148 West Main Street.

WHLM radio reports businesses destroyed in the fire include the Main Street Laundry, Rosemary Shultz Beauty Shop, Towne Camera Shop, a law firm and the Janney Montgomery Scott Financial Company. Station owner Joe Reilly reported on the fire throughout Sunday morning.

Pictures and video of the burning buildings can be viewed at BloomUToday.

Downtown Bloomsburg from Market Street to Orey Street remained closed through mid-afternoon as firefighters doused the still smoldering burnt buildings.

Firefighters from a number of communities responded to the morning fire including Bloomsburg, Berwick, Danville, Benton and Espy.

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