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Block Party Tips

*Editor’s Note: This is a past article that is being republished in the spirit of Block Party.

It’s Block Party again, and we want to encourage everyone to be safe. Here are some quick tips to follow so that you have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

1. Open Bottles.

In town there is a strict ordinance prohibiting open bottles in public spaces. Follow it.

2. Noise









The Noise Ordinance takes effect after 10 P.M. Remember to quiet down.

3. Loitering

Remember not to block any streets or sidewalks this weekend, it’s a sure way to get a citation.

4. Number of attendees.

The new town ordinance concerning parties requires a permit once you have 150 people or more. That number up there means close the doors.

5. Underage Drinking

Don’t do it. I mean come on people do you WANT to go to jail?

6. Littering

Don’t litter. Pick up your trash. Keep Bloomsburg beautiful. Because if you won’t who will. Also you’ll get a ticket and we all know that’s the real problem right?

7. DUI









Remember not to drink and drive.  It could save a life, including your’s.