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Block Party 2014 Tips and Tricks

Block Party is an event held every year at Bloomsburg University. It’s a day of celebrating all the hard work the students have put forth all year. This day consists of drinking, partying and have a good time with friends.

With pleasure comes pain. All the fun that is had a block party can be ruined by all the police patrolling the area. So how do you avoid getting into trouble on block party? Here are some tips and tricks to staying safe and living it up on block party.

12 Tips For Block Party:

1. Make sure to hit up the liquor store early, otherwise everything will be sold out.

2. Make sure to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting ruined, because it does get messy out there.

3. If you are stumbling, make sure to stay off the streets.

4. Don’t talk to the older men dressed like students. They don’t want to be your friend; they want to arrest you.

5. Do not pet the horses; remember there are cops on top of them.

6.  Bring some cash because you will have the drunk munchies.

7. Chanting USA will happen, make sure to join along!

8. You’ll want to wear sneakers; you might need to run.

9. Please don’t try to fight anyone; your beer muscles won’t work as well as you think.

10. Don’t carry drinks on the street; disguising is key.

11. Make sure to call for beer days ahead; good luck on getting it the day of.

12.If you are 21, you don’t have to worry about an underage, just bring your ID and be smart.


Be safe and have fun! Make sure to take videos, and don’t forget to follow our live Twitter feed #BLOCKPARTY2014