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Beauty Tips for Busy Chicks

We all have those days where we have a million and one things to do. As students, we’re always running around from class, to work, to meetings, to class again. There are even those especially important days when we have to meet with potential employers. These are the days where it’s important to pay attention to your image. With everything else running through your head, appearance is often the last thought on your mind. You lay your clothes out the night before, but it still takes some prep time in the morning. Well here are a few quick and easy beauty tips for those short mornings where you have to practically run for the door. These tips will start you off on the right foot and help you feel and stay confident throughout the day. We all must remember: The first impression is a lasting impression.

Quick Tip #1: Beware of Puffy Eyes

We’ve all had them; the dreadful sand bags under our eyes. And of course, none of us want them. But losing just a few hours of sleep can bring them about and boy are they unsightly. If you wake up one morning with puffy eyes, don’t panic. For there is a quick fix remedy: take two metal spoons and pop them in the freezer. Move on to the next task and come back in a few minutes for them. A few seconds over the inflated area, and presto, no more puffy eyes!

Quick Tip #2: Love to Self-Manicure

Let’s not forget about the smaller details. We don’t want to hand a recruiter our resume with chipped and uneven nails. Take twenty minutes out the night before to give yourself a mani. Go the whole nine yards! Pick a color that is neutral and not too distracting. Neutral colors also go with anything, just in case you have to make some last minute wardrobe changes. Nude or beige nail polish will never go out of style.

Quick Tip #3: Chappy is Crappy

How many times have we held a conversation with someone and throughout the entire time, we couldn’t help but to notice how incredibly chap their lips were? Well it’s chapping season, and no one’s safe! We don’t want our dry skin to be a distraction. So when you wake up, apply some petroleum jelly to your lips and let it sit for a while. Then take an old toothbrush and exfoliate your lips. After that, you can just apply your delightful lip gloss. I suggest a light pink color for a natural look that isn’t too distracting.

Quick Tip #4: Mirror Check

The one thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent. It wears off ladies! We have to constantly check our appearance before every meeting  to make sure our mascara hasn’t bled and our lip gloss hasn’t drifted off to the sides of our mouths. This is something that only takes a few minutes in the mirror but means a lot to your image.

Quick Tip # 5: Water, Please!

Last, but certainly not least, drink lots and lots of water. We were blessed to have such a readily available natural element to aid beauty, and that’s H2O! Water promotes healthy hair, blemish-free skin, weight loss; it even reverses damage over time. The list of benefits of drinking water is extensive. Plus, it makes us feel like we’re doing the right thing after eating that box of glazed donut. So indulge yourself in a few bottles a day, and you can keep the unflattering flaws away.

Just a few more of the basics:

  • Get rid of the lag: Make sure you have a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Dragging your feet is less than appealing.
  • Slimming Silhouettes: Push up bras are slimming. If you feel like you’re carrying a little water weight that day, throw one on. But remember to button your blouse to the very top! We all know what miracles those things can do, and we want to remain classy.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!: Need I say more? It’s like painting a porch without a primer, you wouldn’t!

I hope that these Quick Tips were useful!

Thanks for reading!