Attention All BU Seniors!

Don’t miss the chance to get all of the information you need before graduation and the chance to ask your class officer’s any questions you may have.

At the beginning of the upcoming spring semester, the 2015 senior class’s officers including: Class President, Sibel Rasism, Vice President, Bryan Savini, Treasurer, JP Hohenshilt, and Secretary, Carson Merine, will be holding three meetings covering the same topics for all of the graduating seniors to attend.

The important topics that will be covered at these meetings will include: fundraising, where the money will go, how to give back to the university in someway, getting pictures for the yearbook, and any concerns or questions the seniors may have in general will be addressed at the CGA meeting that will immediately follow the meetings.

There will be light refreshments and music provided.

To accommodate the seniors’ busy schedules, there will be three meetings detailing all of the topics above in hopes that they will be able to make one of the meeting times. Again, the seniors only need to attend one of these meetings listed below to get all of this important information and to address any questions they may personally have.

Monday 1/26: 8pm-9pm KUB Hideaway 209

Tuesday 1/27: 8-9pm KUB Ballroom 1

Wednesday 1/28: 8-9pm KUB Multicultural Center 230

In the past years, class officer’s have not been very involved with the success of their class. However, this year the 2015 class officers are making a change and striving to get more involved with their students to ensure a successful year for all 2015 graduating seniors.