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And We’re Back! What We Despise, What Helps Us Survive…

By Rebecca Hall/”The Voice” Features Editor

Ahh, and the spring semester beings. After a long month away from Bloomsburg it is time to get back into the swing of things and return to the grindstone that we so fondly know as college. The days of sleeping in and staying out late with old high school friends is over, and the early mornings and all-night study sessions are about to begin.  Some of us, however, may not see the tell-tale signs of a new semester. For those of us who think we are still on winter break, here are the things you should look for.

Alarm clocks – When we are home with family and friends and are free from collegiate responsibilities, we tend to think of alarm clocks as completely useless.  We roll into our rooms when we feel like it, and we roll out of bed usually hours after the normal waking world. Once classes have begun, this is no longer acceptable behavior. So, when that annoying, loud pitched and droning buzz sounds at 7:45 a.m., you know you’re back to work.

Coffee – Following the sounding of that bothersome time keeper, the next thing you will find yourself reaching for is a good ol’ cup of Joe.  In order to keep yourself awake and alert during those early morning classes it almost seems like you need coffee to flow through your veins. When we’re home, we allow ourselves to sleep as much as we want, and really have nothing to focus on besides having fun and making some money. So, when you start to feel a nagging yearning for caffeine, say to yourself, “Welcome back.” 

Overflowing inboxes – During school breaks we usually have so much to catch up on and do with family and friends. This is why many of us do not even think to check our emails or “Facebooks.”  When we find ourselves sitting at our desks reading through what feels like hundreds of emails and wall posts you realize how long you have been away, and more importantly that you are back in school.

Club meetings – While you are checking that teeming inbox you will probably be able to dedicate an entire folder to the messages you receive about clubs and groups you are involved with on campus. The first two weeks of classes are usually overscheduled with meetings and welcome back events from different organizations. When we look at our calendars and realize we have three meetings and a party to attend on Thursday night, not to mention the 250 pages we need to read for that 400 level Lit class, we are zapped back to the reality of college.

Homework – For an entire month we have been free from papers, tests, labs and, more importantly, homework. The most we have had to memorize for an entire month has been mom’s shopping list or maybe our work schedules. Now, when your professor hands down a three page paper, only to be followed by an online quiz and eight chapters of reading, we realize how lucky we were only two weeks ago, before we jumped back into the academics. 

Sure, all of these things seem to produce such an aching groan when thought about, but we need to also remember the wonderful things that the spring semester brings as well.

Warm weather – During the fall semester the cold weather is just beginning, especially here in the central part of Pennsylvania. Spring semester, however cold it begins, always invites warm and pleasant weather by the end. Frisbee on the Quad, jogs downtown, and afternoons in the park are all things we can look forward to when we are stressing about grades and homework.

Friends – When we are away from college friends for so long, we miss the “family” dinners and long nights spent laughing together. The time apart also makes us grow fonder of those people we live with eight months out of the year. Spring semester offers us another chance to see our beloved friends and enjoy going out together before we take off for the summer.

Let the good times roll – Spring semester also offers us the chance to get back out on the party scene and have some fun. Since the weather will be getting warmer it also allows us to wear fewer layers when we venture out on the weekends, and gives us more options about what we can wear without freezing our butts off. 

Well, life here at Bloomsburg is back to full speed and everyone is gearing up for another stressful, wonderful semester.  We are slowly falling back into the patterns of studying and learning, as well as hanging out and going out. Each new semester offers us an opportunity to make the most out of our time here and to take full advantage of where our education can take us. So, this spring make sure you live your life, write your own rules, and always look to the future.