Dear Bloomsburg University,

It’s been an eventful run. I cannot believe my four years is coming to an end. As I sit here to type this letter, I have to admit I’m tearing up (corny, but true). On my way up to BU this spring semester, I started crying. I cried because I have to leave you, and honestly I’m not ready. I’m not ready to let go of all the memories I’ve made over the years.

BU, you truly house some unique people. I have met so many people, with so many different personalities (both good and bad). The majority of them are downright alcoholics— but all very friendly alcoholics. I don’t know any another school that had a military blimpCSbarrtUsAEZb08 hit near its town and cause a complete power outage and for the next several hours had students stumbling around at GOD’s because of it. I also don’t know of another school that has students asking, “Are you going out tonight,” more than “How are you doing today,” but that’s why I love it here. Everyone was always down to have a good time.

I also have met some of the most intelligent and kind-hearted people here as well. That goes for professors, too. I will truly miss a lot of my mentors and peers that I have met here throughout the years. Thank you for dealing with my constant emails (Shout out to Liz in the Mass Comm. Department for dealing with my breakdowns on if I was going to graduate on time). I will also miss the townies, even the one who threw several quarters at me freshman year.

Tri Pi, you were my go to for awhile. Those Pretzelinis are definitely a killer to burn off the 268163da5f483b5f3a211433937b313fnext day at the gym, but are so worth it when you’re coming home late at night. But, I have to say, Franks, you are the real MVP. From my summer session till now, you picked up your game, strong. Ladies, one thing I’ve learned from college is that you can finish a whole box of pizza in one sitting.

Commons you were always my first choice. I will miss access to endless amounts of what I like to tell myself was “free food.” Husky, some advice, bring back grilled chicken pitas and popcorn chicken salads.

However, I will not miss BU’s parking situation, the third floor of Bakeless, the extreme weather and landlords.

Tons-of-Parking-Tickets“Oh you’re two minutes past your meter, that will be a $45 ticket for you today.”

“Three floors of stairs? No problem.” *Gets to third floor, collapses.*




“Bloomsburg calls for a high of 60 degrees today with a chance of a snow, tornado and later in the evening a tsunami.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.22.49 AM


“Yes, that tac that you put in the wall to hang up your picture, we’re charging you $150 for damages.”



To Greek Life, I will miss you the most. At times we didn’t have the best reputation, but honestly we’ve had the most fun and I’ve made so many connections over the past four years that are honestly very valuable in my future career path. My pledge class, the dirty10351468_164768073880905_2762456447632959529_n fraternity basements (hard to admit, but yes I will miss them) and 355 Lightstreet (Chi Theta Pi) you all made my days/weekends better.

Hardware, I can live without you. Capitol, dollar “crans,” I will especially miss you. Hess’s Tavern, aside from the second hand smoke I received, I will miss the atmosphere. GOD’s tornado wings are truly a gift sent from God.

Block Party should be a national holiday. From seeing the bearcat freshman year to unfortunately not being able to attend this year, I’ll never forget (okay, I’ve forgotten image1
some) all the memories I made on those days.

I remember saying that I had four years left, three years left, two years left, and now that has quickly turned into about 44 more days left here. That’s 44 more days to live in this town. Forty four more days we can go drink on Tuesday and not have to worry about going into work the next day. Forty four more days to get our lives together, but it’s okay if we don’t. Forty four more days we have to spend together and relive all the memories we once made and act like a freshman again.


Here’s to the Golden Nipple.animated-alcohol-image-0043