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BUnow After Dark

Sex, scandal, and love. Three words that are constantly running through a college student’s mind. Is there an outlet to these thoughts and stories? There will be. 

Launching in the beginning of April, BUnow will be releasing a new section to their online portal. This section will be known as BUnow After Dark.

Students want to know what really happens when the lights go out and so does BUnow. This section will hold all of the sex, love, scandals, drinking stories and everything that happens when the sun goes down.

BUnow After Dark will have many components, and while the stories will be promiscuous, they will still have to hold the integrity of BUnow.

This section will have various story topics as well as informational pages and will offer the steamier side of Bloomsburg.They can be about anything that relates to the section. Videos with our new After Dark girl will also be posted on this section as well as the social medias.

Informational pages will consist of bar specials and hours of operation that will show what specials are at which bars on each night. The hours of operation and the late night food section will also be available. It will allow you to check out Hardware and Capitol to see what events will be going on to make your night one to hopefully remember!

With the late night food section, there will be a list of restaurants that deliver and are open all those late hours that we all desire food. This way everyone will know when to go to Pink Weiners or when to get a pretzelini.

Make sure to check out the late night bus schedule and find out what time to get picked up so you don’t have to stumble home.

With block party right around the corner make sure you tune into the site and see all the latest stories. There will be a live twitter feed going all weekend long for block party weekend.

Bloomsburg University 2015 Mass Communications: Public Relations BUnow Public Relations and Sales Director