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CU - Bloomsburg On Campus Strike

A “Special Message” from Chancellor Brogan and the Board of Governors

With the conclusion of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) strike at 4 p.m. this past Friday, Oct. 21, we’ve had some time to take in the craziness, reflect upon what happened, and try to return to normal campus life.

Today, Bloomsburg University students received an email with a link to a message from the Board of Governors and Chancellor Brogan. Click here to see the “special message.”

All in all, the Board of Governors and the Chancellor wanted to remind students, faculty, staff, and “friends” that a college campus is a special place and that the State System and the 14 universities are strongest when they work together:

“As we look to the days and months ahead, let us remember that the State System and our universities are stronger when we stand together. Let us harness the intellect, the will, and the energy of all who know how powerfully important higher education can be, and—together—work toward a solid future for the State System.”

The Board of Governors and the Chancellor also took the time to thank the students and everyone on the campuses for their patience and contributions.