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CU - Bloomsburg

A Night To Remember

  There is so much to do at the Bloomsburg Fair. There are animals, games and great food. What draws the most attention to the fair are the awesome concerts and various shows. On Tuesday September 28 my friends and I made our way to the fair to see Craig Morgan perform. As the show was about to begin they announced a contest that was going to be held. A lucky winner would get a personal tour of Craig Morgan’s tour bus, by none other than Craig himself.  All you had to do was text “all access” a special number.

At first I thought that it was a bogus contest and that there was no way to win without paying a huge fee. This was also the first time I had ever gone to a Craig Morgan concert (I wasn’t even sure who he was). Before that night I wasn’t even sure who he was. My friend was super excited and I entered the contest for her. As soon as Craig sang his first song I was hooked. I knew that the contest was still going on because my friend kept texting. When my phone died I borrowed our other friends and began texting from his phone.

About halfway through the concert and 1,000 texts later a new message appeared in his inbox. I had done it! I won the contest.  Myself and one lucky guest were going to take a tour of Craig Morgan’s tour bus. As fast as we could we sprinted to the merchandise stand to claim our prize. They told us that we should come back there after the concert.

As soon as Craig sang his last song we got the jitters and walked back over to the merchandise stand. We waited for what seemed like eternity for the tour manager to come and take us back. When we rounded the corner and saw that big white bus we were awe struck. We didn’t even realize we had walked right past Craig. The tour manager stopped and waited outside the bus. We were confused until Craig himself walked up and opened up the bus and led us inside.

The bus was amazing. Everything you could possibly imagine. Craig showed us every nook and cranny of the bus. He was very nice and asked us if we had anything for him to sign. Once everything was signed we were able to take pictures with him. I was so happy that I had remembered to charge my camera and now had a picture with a famous country singer.

Now my signed picture of Craig is hanging above my bed and my facebook profile picture is of me and Craig. It was not just a bogus contest and I had the time of my life!