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A New Look For Club Sports

Club Sports Awareness

For those interested in Club Sports, the Bulletin board, located in the Student Recreation center, has now been revamped. Students will find the board now contains team information from each sport, student expectations, and team contracts. Also, all the information available on the Club Sport’s webpage, http://www.bloomu.edu/rec/club_sports, is now available on the bulletin board.  Students now have much more exposure to Club Sports and hopefully this will spark a larger audience in the future.

Jen White, director of Club Sports, has stressed the need for more publicity.

“The bulletin board in the Recreation Center is solely dedicated to Club Sports, but there’s barely anything on it. No one keeps up with it. It needs a new look, feel and a ton of promotion.”

The Buletin Board’s new look will hopefully inspire students to get involved in Club Sports. There are eighteen sports to be involved in and you can make your own committments. Why not join?

In addition to a new “look” for Club Sports, Jen White specified that while a new Bulletin will be great, there are also many students who do not go to the Recreation Center.

“People who don’t go to the Rec., and that is a large percentage of students,  are missing the opportunity to join. Sadly, there is little information circulated outside of the Rec. Center. If you don’t come to the Rec., then you don’t know.”

To solve this problem, there will be a “Club Sports Fair” taking place next Fall in September. The event will be held on the Quad, so every student gets an opportunity to join a club of their choice. There will be music and special advisors for each sport, assistiting students with whatever information they may need.

This fair is a great way to expose Club Sports to every student on campus. Having it take place on the Quad makes it accessible for everyone and also a great way for the club to recieve much publicity. Hope to see you all there next year!