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168th Bloomsburg Fair Food & Drink Staff Picks

Many vendors and food cover the grounds of the 168th Bloomsburg Fair, waiting for the crowds to pour in for their favorites. Members of the BUnow staff made their way out to the event throughout the week, dining and sipping on various tasty goods.

Various members of the BUnow staff amde their way out to the fair this year, dining on many tasty goods.

“I got apple dumplings from Bissinger’s, a mainstream dessert area of the fair each year.” – Myah Stackhouse, Graphic Designer

“I started out my fair week on Monday, while reporting the fair, with some Mexican street corn from the Authentic Mexican Food vendor. The mayo mixed with the Parmesan cheese, seasoning, and corn makes for a tasty combination.” – Carly Busfield, Managing Editor

“The apple fries with caramel taste great with lots of flavor.” – Sydney Stokes, Treasurer

“I tried a new dessert this year. I had a fresh baked fruit pie with ice cream. I chose a blueberry pie with a chocolate and vanilla twist soft serve. It was made on the spot!” – Carly Busfield, Managing Editor

“I got a Mexican dish from the fair called elote!” – Elizabeth Mauser, Staff Writer

“I dined on Lora’s Beef and Cheddar sandwich!” – Mason Malloy, News & Politics Editor

The list of our favorites eats and beverages at the Bloomsburg Fair can go on for miles. The vendors provide an abundance of genuine, original options ready for customers to scarf down. Come prepared to spend money when you arrive to the local Bloomsburg Fair next year.