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10 BU Places Unknown

Bloomsburg University is a glorious place, when the sun is shining and the snow is gone. With some time on hand this reporter went on the hunt for places unknown. These are just the beginning of the uncovering of some of the many hidden, unknown, secret locations on the Bloomsburg University campus.

10. Art Studio hiding on the top floor of Old Science Hall. You should see what it looked like before they pulled all their paintings down.

9. Hidden Staircase. Forget to make a right turn walking from Roongos by Luzerne to the bookstore? This staircase is there just for that reason. A hidden winding staircase there just for you to avoid the crowds.

8. Basketball Court. Sandwiched between the backs of Northumberland and Columbia Halls this is an awesome spot for some afternoon pickup games.

7. Kehr Lounge. This hidden gem of a lounge is located in the Kehr union past the game room. Frequented rarely, this is a wonderful location for an afternoon nap.

6. Hidden Staircase 2. Fastest way to get off campus? Try this staircase keeping itself tucked between the backs of the Commons and Carver Hall.

5. Fun Art. Enjoy hearing the sound of your own voice? Then you should be able to spend hours standing between these two odd contraptions listening to the echo of your own voice.

4. Trellis Gazebo. Perhaps you have seen it, but have you ever taken the time to sit and enjoy it? Quite a different, more enjoyable experience. The class presenting this likely was hoping to grow grapes on it but we haven’t done a good enough job with this global warming thing. Grapes still freeze on it every October.

3. Hidden Bakery. Ever wonder where those majestic cakes in the Scranton Commons come from? This is the closest the camera could get to the bakery hiding under the Scrommons. The Fort Knox-like security team keeps any and all recipe secrets from making their way to the hands of major cooking corporations.

2. Bakeless Basement. Deep with in the confines of the basements of the peculiarly architectured building Bakeless hide labs that never see the light of day. There is much more hiding down here and someday the truth will come out.

1. Carver Hall “Oval Office”. Passing through a labyrinth of staircases finally leads you to the front of what seems to be the Carver Hall Oval Office. If you haven’t been here yet and have some time to kill, check it out, they dont mind visitors.

So the next time your curious as to “whats behind that door” dont be afraid. Open it. Your life will be one adventure after another from then on.

Bonus: Lines here are worse than the DMV. Where is this? (Comment Below)