Who Says Politics Is Going To The Dogs?

A political pup sports on campus a sign proclaiming its allegiance to Barack Obama during election day.

With the election of the 44th President of the U.S. in sight, voters are finalizing their decisions and preparing to cast their ballots.The race to the White House has been a close one from the beginning, and now only one question remains: who will finally emerge victorious?

Students on the Bloomsburg University campus seemed more than enthused to express their views and take part in the most pivotal election in years.Volunteer students were placed strategically around the campus today, offering assistance and making sure students knew where to go to vote.

Many students were also sporting t-shirts and badges showcasing their political stances and proclaiming which candidate they were supporting.

There was even a woman walking a dog around campus with a sign pinned to its sweater.The sign read “Bark for Barack.” The woman herself wore a shirt and several buttons expressing her support for the Democratic candidate.

“McCain is old,” Sam Osborne of Bloomsburg University said.“He probably won’t make it past his second year, and plus Obama seems a lot smarter to me.McCain is too much of a clone of Bush, and I think we all know that’s a bad idea.”

She finished by saying she is more comfortable with Obama’s running mate Joe Biden becoming president if something should befall the Commander in Chief, adding that Sarah Palin “would probably mess things up worst than Bush.”

“I sympathize with John McCain the most,” countered BU student Becky. “He seems to have more experience than Obama.I think the most pressing issue is the war in Iraq, and I feel like McCain could deal with that better than Obama.”She went on to say that her first choice was Republican Mike Huckabee, but McCain was a close second.

At this point, it seems the election could favor either candidate.With a myriad of pressing issues awaiting whoever wins the position, Americans can be sure that the next four years will be nothing if not interesting.