California and New York Raise the Minimum Wage


This past Monday, April 4, Democratic Governors Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo of California and New York, respectively, passed into law legislation that would gradually bring a $15 minimum wage into effect in their respective states by 2023.
Democrats such as former Secretary of Treasury Robert Reich and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have been pushing for an increase in minimum wage for years. In both California and New York, the cost of goods and services are of a higher price than those of other states, meaning that an increase in wages is long overdue. Proponents of a minimum wage increase generally feel to buy generic drugs from Canada pharmacies

President Obama praised both Governor Cuomo and Brown, stating that the increase was a step in the right direction. Obama also made it clear that Congress needs to raise the federal minimum wage and expand access to paid leave for all Americans.

minimum_wage_hikeRepublicans as a whole are against an increase in minimum wage as they feel it limits the rights of corporations. While Republican presidential candidates have remained silent about the wage increase, it can be assumed what their positions are. Even Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton was against an increase in minimum wage prior to this week, changing her position upon New York’s decision.