C U in the New Brightspace Portal

BUnow is back with another technology update from Commonwealth University. Earlier this week, along with a few other announcements via email, the university announced that Bloomsburg, Lock Haven (Main/Clearfield), and Mansfield Universities will be moving to a new Brightspace server starting May 22nd. Monday the 22nd is the start of Summer classes.

Currently, each campus runs their classes through a software known as D2L Brightspace. This software allows all students to complete class work, check grades, and utilize other campus resources. This also allows professors to upload content, create lecture videos, utilize discussion boards, and among other neat tools and resources.

Bloomsburg uses BOLT, which stands for ‘Bloomsburg Online Learning and Teaching.’ The existing URL can be found at Bolt.Bloomu.edu. Lock Haven and Mansfield just go through D2L without a fancy name. Lock Haven’s portal can be found at LHU.DesiretoLearn.com and Mansfield’s can be found at Mansfield.DesiretoLearn.com.

All students and faculty will loose access to their old classes and materials if not downloaded to your computer or other personal drive spaces. This includes, but not limited to, assignments, PDFs, discussion boards, rubrics, e-portfolios, etc. There has been no word if Commonwealth U’s Tech/Academic Support team will import old classes and materials into the new system. All students and faculty are advised to check their email from CATS for any further updates regarding the Brightspace Server Move.

All additional Commonwealth University Resources, including Banner, Brightspace, curriculum updates, new general education system, and more can be found at My.Commonwealthu.edu.

Commonwealth University Academic Technology Support (CATS/IMDC) Update:

Starting this Summer 2023, courses will now be held in CU Brightspace: Commonwealthu.Brightspace.com

NOTE: If you are not scheduled for classes in Summer or Fall, you will not be able to access the new Brightspace until you schedule classes in Banner.  

Watch this video which explains some of the differences between your old D2L site and the new one!  

Reminder: There is a checklist of tasks you should complete by Sunday, May 21 at Commonwealthu.Brightspace.com/Checklist.

If you have questions or need technical assistance, please reach out to us at cats@commonwealthu.edu. CATS help with Brightspace, Zoom, and other course related technologies at Commonwealth University.