Ding Tea’s Refreshing Mulberry Lineup Served Since July

Holding mulberry drink at crosswalk on a leisurely stroll. Photo by Carly Busfield.

Ding Tea of Bloomsburg is a boba tea bar shaking and stirring all sorts of concoctions for its customers to enjoy. Serving since July, the beverage sale based establishment has been mixing up a new series of Mulberry drinks.

Mulberries resemble a blackberry-like shape and color with this clustered base and dark color. They are a balance between sweet and tart. This dark fruit is often used in baked goods and sorbets making this a great idea to add a spin on a boba drink.

Ai Nguyen, owner of Ding Tea, notes that the drink line sells well. Yet, it is not as popular as hoped.

She believes that a main reason is because “people are afraid to try new things”.

What’s Inside?

The new lineup comes in Black Tea, Green Tea, Yogurt, Yakult, in addition to smoothie and slushee form. It is highly recommended to get it with Black Tea.

“Our Mulberry drinks made from real mulberry jam and have actual fruit in it. Our mulberry jam is 100% imported from Taiwan, since Ding Tea is Taiwanese franchise, and it’s very rare to see a real mulberry (fruit) in the U.S.”, Nguyen said.

What to expect

Sip on the mulberry drink options at Ding Tea Bloomsburg on 6 West Main Street. The busy hours are during the academic year are around 3p.m., but it can vary more in the summer. The tea shop is open every day from 11a.m. until 9p.m.

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