5 Budget-friendly Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Want to bring Easter fun to your children, but don’t have a budget as big as the Easter Bunny’s? These five budget-friendly Easter basket ideas will have your kids (and your wallet) hopping for joy.


Have a budding baker on your hands? Whip up a basket full of supplies to make their favorite treat. Keep it simple by grabbing a boxed brownie, (cup)cake, or cookie mix from the store. Use the necessary baking tin or pan in place of a basket and add in toppings like frosting and sprinkles to round out your gift. Not only will you be gifting them something tasty, but they’ll also get the bonus of spending time with you while they put their gift to use.


Make a splash with a bath-themed basket. Grab a bath caddy, pick out a rubber ducky or two, and fill in with fun bath supplies. The dollar sections of some popular stores offer  a wide assortment to choose from like bath bombs and bath confetti. Round out your basket with a new bath pouf or a cartoon-themed washcloth that expands in the water. If it won’t burst your budget, consider adding in a bright bath towel or a bath book.


If your little one loves the beach, this basket idea is shore to make them smile. Fill a sand bucket with sand toys like shovels and molds, bubbles, and candy. Depending on your budget and the size of the bucket you choose, you can add in extras, like a new beach towel or a beach-themed book.


What better gift for a bookworm than a stack of new adventures to dive into? Choose a fun reusable tote as the “basket” (will be great for future library trips!) and fill it with books your kiddo will love. Check out local library book sales, thrift shops, children’s consignment stores, and Little Free Libraries for books on a budget. If your budget allows, add in extras like bookmarks or a booklight. And if your child doesn’t have their own library card yet, they may get a kick out of that being included, too.


Give the gift of endless possibilities with a basket designed especially for creative little minds. Visit your local dollar or discount store and check out all they have to offer in their crafting aisle. What you see as pom poms, feathers, pipe cleaners, and beads may look like jewelry, bendy animals, and more to your petite Picasso! In lieu of a basket, choose a storage container so they can keep their creations neatly packed away when not in use.

Have More Fun for Less

A limited budget shouldn’t limit your fun. For more budget-friendly tips for year-round fun, visit our blog.

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