Bus Crash on 80 leaves 40 injured

In the early morning hours of, Oct.9, 2013 a bus carrying 49 people plus a driver from

New York to Cleveland, Ohio crashed on Westbound Interstate 80 near Williamsport. The Greyhound bus rear-ended a tractor-trailer around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning leaving one dead and 40 people injured.

According to WNEP several passengers needed to be airlifted to surrounding hospitals via helicopters. A representative for Greyhound Motor Company has made a statement saying that the bus driver Sabrina Anderson was in critical condition.  Anderson is a twelve-year veteran with company.

The crash which occurred just feet from the Lewisburg/Williamsport exit on Interstate 80 shut down the highway for a little more than 12 hours. Pennsylvania State Troopers who were among the first arrive on scene has made no comment on the collision as the investigation is still on going. In addition the name of the female passenger killed in the crash has yet to be released.

According to eyewitness accounts the victim was thrown from the bus along with luggage and other debris. “Just a big jolt from behind me, I pulled over to the shoulder, got out of my truck, there just a lot of screaming from the people on the bus, people climbing out of the windows,” said tracker-trailer driver Akos Gubica. Gubrica who was not injured in the crash told police he was going 45 miles per hour when the bus hit him from behind.

Twelve people are still in critical condition, the rest of the passengers were picked you by Greyhound Motor Company and taken the rest of the way home.