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‘A Fresh Perspective’: A Documentary Series by Michael Lamberti

A new series is coming to Bloomsburg University called “A Fresh Perspective.” Each episode will feature a person from a certain community who has been misjudged by today’s media. For example, asexuals have been getting some hate from within the community and outside of the community. The show’s objective is to educate viewers about topics like genders and sexualities, ethnicity, politics, certain fandom groups that have been misrepresented, hobbies or careers that have been shunned and dreams that might have been destroyed because of the negative stigma. The audience will hopefully leave educated with a new perspective of the topics at hand.

The interviews will be recorded face-to-face and an episode will be premiered every two weeks on BUnow and on Youtube under Lamberti Media.

IF YOU ARE AFRAID THAT THIS WILL AFFECT YOUR LIFE, YOU CAN ALSO REQUEST TO KEEP YOUR FACED HIDDEN AND YOUR PRIVACY CONCEALED. If you have any questions please send them to Michael Lamberti or Dr. Ganahl (rganahl@bloomu.edu) if you have any questions or concerns.

We’re looking to interview people in the following demographics:

Asexuals, polysexuals, bisexuals, furries, Democrats, Republicans, otakus, theater majors, filmmakers, mass communicators, artists, people who have worked for customer service, Greek Life, gamers, waiters, cooks, servers, cops, homosexuals, professors, cosplayers, musicians, people who suffer from autism, Christians, Muslims, ex-fast food employees, animators, voice actors and more… 

Want to get involved?

To contact me, schedule an interview, or direct questions please email Michael Lamberti at mal13843@huskies.bloomu.edu.

I am a nerd I like to make music, gaming cosplay, original skit series.