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Should we Spring into These Trends?

We are welcoming warmer weather into our lives, and with that we are also welcoming new trends. According to Glamour.com, a few make-up trends will be making an appearance this spring. From orange lipstick to big bold eyeliner, it’s hard to decide whether or not these trends are worth trying.

We tested some of them at home and decided whether or not it is worth going out and purchasing new make-up to give these looks a shot. In this video we reviewed blue, gold, and white eyeshadows as well as one of the biggest cat eyes you have ever seen. In addition to trying these out, we also discuss some of the other trends and what we think after seeing them on the runway.

Watch our video for our full opinion on how we feel about these trends and why. Let us know what you think as well, as we decide which trends are a hit, and which trends are a miss.