Dear Bloom Episode 1: Grammy Fashion

Dear Bloom is the first fashion media organization at Bloomsburg University. It’s purpose – to be your one and only fashion informant! Dear Bloom is both a weekly fashion column in The Voice and now an online television show featuring Lauren Grose (producer and host), Michelle MeGill (co-host), and Turrell Seldon (co-host).

Inspired by the popular show on E! News, Fashion Police, Dear Bloom strives to create an undeniable interest in fashion for BU faculty, students, and staff. With hopes to educate, inform, and deliver their strongest opinions, the Dear Bloom team is positive the show will become a success. Turrell, Lauren, and Michelle frequently call themselves the “BU Fashion Police.” Soon, they plan to incorporate BU campus style into the show, simply capturing images of student’s every day style – both the do’s and don’ts. Warning: make sure you look your best… they will find you!

 From left to right: Turrell Seldon, Lauren Grose, Michelle MeGill

Watch the first episode of Dear Bloom here and stay tuned for episodes to come!

[youtube id=”DueafQ0jPeo” width=”600″ height=”350″]