BUnow’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

Graphic created by Myah Stackhouse.

BLOOMSBURG (PA)- On Saturday, April 29th, BUnow held it’s 15th Anniversary celebration from 12-2pm in the KUB Multicultural Center. The team proudly launched their magazine, “For You Pages’ Edition, to share with the guests who RSVP to the event.

The student organization invited all members, alumni, and other clubs within the Media & Journalism department to join in on the fun. The purpose of the event was to meet the BUnow team and connect with alumni, receive gifts, eat food, enjoy the fun, and honor the hard work put into this organization!

Dr. Richard Ganahl, BUnow’s advisor, proudly began this online media incubator in 2007. “Amazing…in the last decade and a half, more than 4,000 stories written by more than 800 BU students have been viewed more than 2 million times!”, he shared in a recent email invitation.

To the right stands Dr. Ganahl showing off his new BUnow water bottle. The team ordered a number of them to be given away at the party and in the future to represent BUnow on the go! The new bottles feature the new logo and help within our rebranding process.

Thank you to Myah Stackhouse for being so involved in the official rebranding of our logo Our original creator of the previous logo, Zoe Schlott, was in attendance to view our new integrated logo.

The Main Event

The event began with all guests arriving after the current staff spent the morning decorating. The first hour was spent consuming our catered Subway along with various snacks, cookies, and beverages. Dr. Ganahl happily stated during the preparation process, “…we’ll have cookies galore!”

The BUnow Administration and staff planned the event along with our magazine launch! Pictured beside is Jacob Eiden, Carly Busfield, Eliza Nevis, and Jared Frost. Not pictured is Olivia Antonucci, who has been our Treasurer for the last few years. Thank you, Olivia!

The room was decorated nicely with a calm, friendly blue to incorporate the color of our new water bottles. Guests bantered around the room and built relationships.

BUnow has provided a strong foundation for all current members and our alumni in so many ways. BUnow is a strong resume builder that teaches you a wide variety of media tactics and mediums to publish.

The impact that BUnow has made on our minds, hearts, and essentially our future. 15 years of hard work has come a long way and it showed truly within the celebration.

Pictured beside is some of the current team at their table during the celebration sharing smiles and laughs.

Many of the alumni have had many accomplishments and feats. Some have posted over 100 articles to BUnow while others had notable internships at places like Mens’ Health, Seventeen Magazine, and more. All-in-all, every goal and accomplishment was celebrated.

BUnow has affected the lives of every person at the event in tremendous ways and will continue to inspire its future members. The site started with a strong vision for the future and will continue to grow as it is passed through many important, hard working members.

A series of awards and certificates were presented by advisor, Dr. Richard Ganahl, to all current members and alumni. A framed photo of this year’s celebration poster was also given to each recipient.

Pictured beside is Dr. Ganahl presenting the final award to the love of his life and his inspiration, his wife. This was a very special and sweet moment the group shared, and extra appreciation goes to his wife for the beautiful flowers she gave to the organization.


The BUnowMag process can be long and tedious, but the crew powered through. Carly Busfield and Eliza Nevis guided the magazine creative process and ensured deadlines were met. Most of the staff was able to provide an article or more, along with some photos, which resulted in 28 pages pages to be proud of.

This year’s magazine inspiration was taken from social media, the impact on the lives of many, and especially the application BeReal. The application’s goal is for users to not “be fake”, but “be real” from wherever you are at whatever time of the day.

The edition is specifically called, “For You Pages”, because it was made for the audience to relate to, laugh at, and enjoy. Social media algorithms let users have specific FYPs geared to their usage on that platform. This publication is meant to instill that feeling of it being perfectly made for the audience, for the reader, for YOU.

The BUnow team will be distributing copies of the magazine throughout the week and will post a digital copy on our site soon.

Magazine and Swag table at the celebration featuring this year’s BUnow Magazine 2023. Photo by Jacob Eiden.

Thank you BUnow for an amazing 15 years! May we continue to grow everymore! As Dr. Ganahl has stated many times, “1, 2, 3, Charge!”.