A new animated feature film is coming out that has lovable comedic moments while having a fun horrifying experience. Michael Lamberti is a gay, autistic, filmmaker has written a screenplay and has won over ten screenplay awards around the world as of today.

List of all the Film Festivals that Kingdom City Won.

Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival Tokyo, Japan
November 3, 2021
Honorable Mention
Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Kolkata, West Bengal
November 17, 2021
Best Screenwriting
Hollywood Blood Horror Festival Los Angles, California
December 5, 2021
Best Original Screenplay
International Monthly Film Festival London, England
January 4, 2022
Honorable Mention
Royal Wolf Film Awards Los Angles, California
February 7, 2022
Best Feature Script.
Gothamite Monthly Film Awards New York, Ny
February 28, 2022
Best Comedic and Original Screenplay of the Month
Crown International Film Festival
February 21, 2022
Best Screenplay
Prague International Film Awards Prague
April 21, 2022
Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
Cult International Film Festival United Kingdom
March 30, 2022
Best First-time Screenwriting
Future of Film Awards
June 30, 2022
Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)
Lonely Wolf International Film FestivalLondon, England
August 9, 2022
Best Unproduced Screenplay

Log-line: Struggling to cope up with old memories of his father, an 18-year-old is magically kidnapped and transported into an unbelievable world of anthropomorphic animals.

In March of 2022, his screenplay was sponsored From The Hearts Productions to have his feature film made. The event is very similar to Kickstarter and will be launched this upcoming November. The cast and crew has posted their thoughts and feels about the project on Kingdom City’s social media to promote the event. The production is now in development of a proof of concept trailer to promote the film and the We Did It Campaign. So far they have gotten two Youtube Celebrities that will be disclosed for now. Also in the works to for a collaboration with a nonprofit origination.

The We Did It Campaign, Sponsored by From The Hearts Production, every-time someone donates. The recipient’s donation will be classifies at a tax right off. Regardless what happens with the film. Investing in Kingdom City is a gran opportunity to help Bloomsburg Alumni achieve their dreams in the film industry.

Three Bloomsburg University Alumni are also helping with this production. Michael Lamberti who is the Director, Writer, Producer, and Voice Actor of Adam. While Michael Innamorato is Co Director, and Jack Burns is also the Voice Actor for Vincent.

Here is Michael Lamberti talking about the production.

Here are some of the tweets talks about Kingdom City.

This is the poster and some of the Character Art for Kingdom City.