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BUnow Alumni: Where is Paul Rosa now?

Paul Rosa graduated from Bloomsburg University in the spring of 2013. He majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

During his sophomore and junior year, he was a member of Bloomsburg’s varsity baseball team. Paul decided to step away from the baseball field his senior year and planned to focus on his future career. He had a close circle that consisted of professors and advisors that helped him throughout his time at Bloomsburg. They always told him, “Hustle and don’t be afraid to chase growth even if it’s uncomfortable.”

He dedicated his senior year interning at Liberty Mutual and taking extra courses. Paul’s most successful highlight of senior year included winning first place at the Greater Susquehanna Keystone Innovation Zone Business Plan Competition. He also placed third at the PASSHE Student Business Plan Competition.

While Paul was with BUnow, he held the positions as Sports Editor and Ads Manager. He ended up contributing 20 articles for BUnow. Some of his work includes: “Create, Innovate, Imagine”,“Bloomsburg Senior Wins Bracket Challenge”, and “Penn State Update: Paterno Out As Head Coach”.

After graduation, Paul went straight to New York City. He worked for the Yankees front office for two years. Paul thought he made it and his career was going to be set from there until 2018 came around.

During the year of 2018, Paul decided to take a leap of faith and move out to San Francisco, California. He started working for early-stage tech companies and ended up creating his own business. Today, Paul is now the Co-Founder of GameForm, a real-money mobile platform that attracts thousands of users daily. He is Co-founder alongside his friend from West Chester University.

After graduating nearly eight years ago, he has experienced successes and failures throughout his professional career that has shaped him into the person he is today. From the wise words of Paul, “Don’t be afraid to pivot!”

Teresa Nappo is a junior Media and Journalism major with a track in Telecommunications at Bloomsburg University. Her column “BUnow Alumni: Where Are They Now?” is an occasional column about former BUnow members. Nappo is a former contributing writer for The Voice and a member of the National Broadcasting Society.