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BUnow Alum: Where is Kristen Rinaldi Now?

Kristen Rinaldi graduated from Bloomsburg University in the spring of 2015. She majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism and went on to declare a minor in Professional Writing.

During Kristen’s time at Bloomsburg, she made it a priority to get involved and put her writing skills to the test. She was heavily involved in BUnow throughout her college career. Kristen started out as a staff writer, moved on to U.S. and World News editor and later became Editor-in-Chief. Her time as Editor-in-Chef was invaluable to her future success. She not only learned the importance of careful editing, but also what it meant to be the leader of an organization and how to make the tough decisions.

Kristen dedicated a lot of time and effort while writing for BUnow. She contributed 45 articles while she was at Bloomsburg. Some of her work for BUnow includes: “Surviving Block Party,” “The End of Block Party as We Know It” and “Instagram Discrimination is Real.”

While she attended Bloomsburg, Kristen went on to complete internships at top-named magazines like Popstar!, Seventeen, and upon graduation, Men’s Health. Her overall career goal was to become an editor for a magazine. She knew that nothing would make her happier than building a career editing the glossy pages that she had admired for most of her life.

Today, Kristen is the top editor at Lehigh Valley Style, a city and regional magazine spanning Easton, Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with a monthly readership of 80,000 people. Style covers stories on restaurants, events and people located in the Lehigh Valley area. Kristen is in charge of pitching ideas to her publisher, assigning content to Style’s team of writers and photographers, editing the magazine for error, and representing Lehigh Valley Style at community events.

Teresa Nappo is a junior Media and Journalism major with a track in Telecommunications at Bloomsburg University. Her column “BUnow Alum: Where Are They Now?” is an occasional column about former BUnow members. Nappo is a former contributing writer for The Voice and a member of the National Broadcasting Society.