There is something special about wearing the t-shirt of your favorite band or listening to their greatest hits. Some might think hanging a giant poster or flag in your room is the ultimate way to express your love. Not enough for you? A permanent brand on your body may suffice to show that you are the band’s biggest fan this side of the Northern Hemisphere.

Still not satisfied? Imagine drinking Budweiser with your band’s name stamped across the can. For a limited time starting Sept. 28, Metallica fans’ dreams will come true, because the heavy metal giants will leave their mark on Budweiser beer in Quebec.


As if the recent Republican Presidential debate didn’t fuel your thoughts of moving to Canada enough, this news might have just sent you packing your suitcase. This special brand of beer is made to commemorate the closing of a popular Canadian arena known as Colisée Pepsi. Metallica appeared in said arena Sept. 14 and 16 for their final series of performances.

The band was once referred to as “Alcoholica” in their glory days, so it is a wonder it took them so long to do this. Put on that ‘Tallica t shirt, grab a buddy, and head bang your way to the Canadian border to say good bye to a Canadian icon and your liver.