BU Students Comment on Trump for President

Donald Trump, chairman and president of the Trump Organization and founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts is one of many Republican candidates running for the United States presidency. The former “The Apprentice” host has taken his success and iconic, outspoken personality into politics in the hopes of becoming the President of the United States in 2016. So far, Trump has made an impact with his campaign by gaining the support of New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, and by directing negative comments towards Megyn Kelly and fellow presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. We asked our fellow BU students what their stance was on his presidential run.

“I think he has nothing better to do because he is so rich and he is just looking for something to do.” – Scott Cooper

“I think he would be good for the business aspect of America because he is such a good businessman. We need someone with a background in business, not just politics. He wouldn’t be a very good president though.” – Will Schu

“Trump is a good businessman and is a good presidential candidate. I think it’s a comedic stunt, but he does have a good chance of winning. He shouldn’t be president though.” – Enrico Connors

“I think that Donald Trump wouldn’t be a good president because he likes to be a comedian in a politician’s world. Granted, he uses his own money for his endorsements, but I don’t think he will take the job seriously. I feel as though he will crack under pressure and he won’t be able to handle the stress. Also, he says things that could be insensitive to cultural differences.” – Rena Dixon

“Donald Trump is a great businessman. He, however, is unqualified to be President and Commander-in-chief.” – Edwin Padua

The general consensus gathered from BU students is that America would be better off if Trump sticks to business and leaves the politics to the professionals.