BU Professor Arrested and Suspended for Possession of Child Pornography

A Bloomsburg University philosophy professor was arrested and suspended after authorities found child pornography on his office computer. It was announced by Attorney General Josh Shapiro that Scott Lowe, 57, was arrested on felony charges for possessing child pornography.

Lowe has been charged with four counts of sexual abuse of children. The charges are related to the possession of child pornography found on Lowe’s university computer.

The incident was first reported to Bloomsburg University police officer Corporal Daniel Erdman on February 5, 2018. In a press release issued by the Attorney General it was stated that Lowe was “found to have an alarming amount of malware associated with his internet usage of the Bloomsburg University network.” The case was then referred to the Office of Attorney General.

In an email sent to all faculty, students, and staff at Bloomsburg University, it was stated that Lowe has been suspended from the university. The email was sent by the university and encouraged students to utilize counseling services provided by the institution if they found the news difficult.

Bail has been set at $250,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 28th at 11 a.m.