BU Now to Sponsor Block Party Information Session


At 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, BU Now will hold a block party information session in room 218 of Centennial Hall.  Board members will answer questions regarding various guidelines and procedures for block party, scheduled for Saturday, April 18.  Students, faculty, and community members are encouraged to attend.


Sitting on the board will be Bloomsburg Mayor Dan Knorr, Chief Leo Sokoloski of the Bloomsburg town police, Chief Robert Klinger of the Bloomsburg University Police, Vice President Preston Herring of Student Affairs, and representative from the National Penhellenic Council and the Infraternity Council.


The board members and the editors of BU Now intend for this event to bridge a gap between the university and the community, and mitigate controversies associated with the annual block party.


Contact an editor with questions; email Joe Arleth at jmarleth@bloomu.edu, or Shannon Hoffman at smhoffma@bloomu.edu.


Check out BU Now’s block party t-shirts on facebook.




  1. So you put my name first for people to contact with questions? Well played Shannon Hoffman. You win this round.

    Really though, this should be a great event and I’m really excited. Also, if anyone has any questions but doesn’t feel like shooting us an email, feel free to leave a comment here and i can answer for all to see.

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