BU awarded grant to improve energy efficiency


Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania will save approximately $33,300 in annual energy costs through campus improvements completed with the help of a $250,000 grant awarded through Pennsylvania’s Conservation Works! program.

BU is one of 100 municipal and non-profit organizations across the state, and one of two in Columbia County, to receive funding from the $22 million competitive grant program. The program is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help local government and non-profit organizations improve energy efficiency, curb energy consumption and reduce energy costs by at least 25 percent.

BU will utilize the funding to replace aging systems with new high-efficiency equipment that will update the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems in select buildings, as well as reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. The work, which is projected to be completed by April 2010, will be done through the Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement with Siemens, a building technologies company, according to Eric Milner, BU’s assistant vice president of administration.

Overall, the energy savings project will:
*Reduce electric consumption by 520,362 kilowatts per year.
*Reduce annual energy spending by $33,303 based on anticipated utility rates.
*Reduce emissions equal to the amount produced annually by 57 cars.
*Leverage a long-term partnership with Siemens for sustainable energy efficiency improvements.

Upgrades will be made at Carver Hall, Scranton Commons, the campus heating plant, University Bookstore, Buckingham Maintenance Center, carpentry shop and BU Police headquarters.




  1. so its going towards all the administration buildings…. students are the last priority huh? unbelievable

  2. Jarid, the improvements being made are so that Bloomsburg University is more energy efficient. The electric al consumption of the dorm halls and apartments do not even affect us negatively or positively. If anything, since the university will be saving over $33,000 dollars a year, the cost for utilities as a part of our tuition should be lowered.

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