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Baltimore Bridge collapses 

The Baltimore Francis Key Bridge has collapsed due to a ship collision on Tuesday. 

The bridge crumbled to pieces as the large vessel crashed into its supporting structures. The visual of the event is surreal as the bridge looks so frail falling into the water.

Many began investigating the building behind this structure. Will improvements be made in the rebuild?

This video shows the minutes leading up to the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse, and the collapse itself by First Coast News.

“The Francis Scott Key Bridge came down around 1:30 a.m. ET after a cargo ship collided with it”, said CNN. 

CNN continues to provide live updates. Click here for more.

6 workers were presumed dead at the start of the search-and-rescue mission for the Coast Guard. 8 were working on the bridge in total, with two rescued at the beginning of the fall. 

Officials began laying out an underwater map of the breakage on Wednesday and continue to search the main area of the incident. This main roadway for many in Baltimore remains closed until further notice.