Boys Asked To Hit a Girl- “Why ‘Cause I’m A Man!”


Italian video journalist Luca Lavarone conducted a social experiment with boys ages six through eleven. He introduces them to a girl who is about their age named Martina. As the video goes on, the boys are asked to give her a compliment, caress her, and make a funny face at her.

But the video took a quick turn when the boys were commanded to slap Martina hard. The boys refuse to hit her saying, “because you’re not supposed to hit girls” and “because I’m against violence.” This video is a true tearjerker from how mature these children act and it doesn’t hurt that they are extremely adorable as well.

The video was created by to try to put an end on domestic violence. If boys were taught to treat women respectfully not with violence at a young age, then domestic violence would cease to exist.