Boston Marathon Rocked by Two Explosions

Mid-Monday afternoon, two explosions occurred at the finish of the Boston Marathon. Governor Deval Patrick, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis is treating a third explosion that started a fire at the JFK Library later that afternoon as a connected event, all though there is not yet an evidence linking the two attacks.

Reports have said that the device was not military grade, but because of people being dressed in shorts and t-shirts, that destruction was great. Boston police have been receiving a large number of calls linked to suspicious packages along the route of the marathon. People dropped whatever they were carrying to escape the blast and any possible further threats, and the police will be investigating any all packages found.

As of 3 p.m. the number of human causalities has reached two and 50 injuries have been reported. While police search for any other hidden explosive devices, the Boston Marathon headquarters has been placed on lockdown. Boston police have advised any one living in the city Boston to stay inside their homes or places of work.

This year’s marathon was being dedicated to the victims of the Sandyhook Elementary shooting. The significance being 26.2 miles for the 26 young souls lost that day. There were family members of the victims running in the marathon and other members were reported sitting in the VIP section of the marathon. No news yet as to if any on the families of the Sandyhook victims are among the casualties.

We will be keeping you updated as more information is released. Check back for the latest coverage.