Bloomsburg’s Finest: DJ Pink


For students, trekking up and down Pennsylvania 400 miles every weekend seems a little absurd, but to Andrew Outten, Bloomsburg University student, dance parties don’t deliver themselves. Outten, of Landenberg PA, known around the Bloomsburg party circuit as ‘DJ Pink,’ lives the life of the traveling enthusiast. Playing music from respected artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, all the way down to the low-culture riff raff of Hannah Montana.  No matter what age group, Outten is able to get the bodies movin at an alarming and sometimes absurd rate.

Outten began looping songs since a young tender age of 18 and has been on a progressive streak ever since. Starting off with a simple 2 disc CD player, he would seamlessly synch the songs together to give no breaks at all. Three years later and a few new machines to add to his regimen, it is hard to find a weekend off for DJ Pink. From State College PA, all the way down to the University of Delaware, word has spread throughout the large network of his contacts and trickled down into the hands of fraternity presidents, mothers and fathers, and everyone else in between. Outten has been seen on campus advancing peoples social skills by way of techno, hip hop, top 40 hits, and old time party favorites from the Funk era.  With his astonishing set of lights, lasers, strobes and fog machines, Dj Pink is the full package.

Outten receives his inspiration from internationally renowned Dj’s like Armen Van Buren, Dj Tiesto and Deadmau5.  Though primarily all producers of techno and electronica, Outten uses their practices to fine tune his overall skill of mixing, looping, coordinating lighting, keeping the energy at the correct level.  Outten claims “It’s an all around effort when djing for a crowd. One wrong move or one wrong song and you can get laughed out of the place.”   Though it hasn’t happen to him as of yet, he aims for it to be a motivator when selecting songs before the party begins.  The song selection process can take as long as the actual party itself. Outten said “The preparation can be everything when entertaining such a picky crowd. 2-3 hours beforehand can be how long it takes to construct the correct playlist. Yes its time consuming, but it’s worth it.”

Outten hopes to continue this hobby all the way till graduating from Bloomsburg, as he plans on becoming a history teacher at the high school level.  “Djing can wait for the weekends” Outten said. After the interview I can tell you one thing, our nation is in a recession, but peoples dance shoes are thriving.  Dj Pink charges his flat rate, but pro-bono work is done as well for first time customers for a taste of his talent.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the flashing lights and good music, Dj Pink will be coming soon to a party near you, conditions permitting of course.