After many months of development, the Bloomsburg University Bus Tracker is officially here. The development of the tracker is thanks to the Community Government Association (CGA). They have been working on getting the tracker up and running for the last two semesters. 

CGA Vice President Matt Yurkunas said “The shuttle tracker project is completely funded by CGA and has been mainly organized by the CGA Executive Board, Shuttle Bus Committee, Rich Yoder, Neil, Jim, and myself. The tracker has been in development for a while now, prior to this year, it was a student-run project by ACM but after the students who were spearheading it graduated, it got lost in the air; that’s when CGA stepped in and partnered with Verizon to make it happen. The app will be rolling out next week to the student body. Students should know that the app is not perfect, as is any project. Our main goal was to have something that students could use. We will be monitoring its feedback and performance in the upcoming months and make decisions regarding its growth from there.”

Click the link for instructions on how to install it.