Bloomsburg Student Excited for Change in the Oval Office

Bloomsburg University student Jenie Boehm proudly displays a poster showing her support for Barack Obama.

Bloomsburg University student Jenie Boehm proudly displays a poster showing her support for Barack Obama.





As time winds down and the new president of our country is revealed, voters are experiencing a full range of emotions.  Some people are excited to find out if their candidate will win; others would just like to see the months of press covering the election to finally come to an end. One Bloomsburg student seems to be feeling a bit of both.

Bloomsburg decided to vote for Barack Obama.  How long did it take her to make up her mind? 

“It didn’t take me long at all, actually.  I’ve been a strong supporter of Obama from the very beginning and McCain never did anything to sway my mind otherwise,” she said. 

I also asked Boehm what issues were most important in making Obama her candidate.  “I’m obviously very concerned about the economy being the way it is, as I’m sure the rest of the country is too,” said Boehm.  “I think Obama has the plans in place to fix our country’s biggest issues and lead us for the next four to eight years.”

Boehm also went on to mention that Obama’s plans for healthcare, social security, and education are also among her top reasons for choosing him. 

She’s also concerned about the Iraq war.

“I think it’s clearly time to leave there and focus on the countries that are real threats to us.”  Boehm also went on to say that although she’s excited to finally vote and find out what the results will be, she’s also excited for the election to just be over.  “This election has been exciting to follow for the most part, but now I’m just kind of tired about hearing about the same things every day.  I just want election day to finally come already.”  Boehm said that she fully expects Obama to be victorious and plans to celebrate with her friends from her apartment when he does.  Whatever the outcome is, the excitement of the election will continue to carry on as we get closer and closer to finding out whom our country’s next president will be.




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