In just a few short weeks our excitement for summer quickly goes away when we realize how much we already miss our second home, Bloomsburg. Coming to Bloomsburg you’d never expect you’d fall in love with a school so quickly but this love is real. Here are a few things all of the Bloomsburg Huskies are missing right now.

Finding  your way with the help of the ‘Golden Nipple’

Coming to Bloomsburg as a freshman, one of the first pieces of advice you’re given is that if you’re out in the town at night and cannot figure out how to get home… use the golden nipple to guide you home. And for most of us, this advice has come in handy a handful of times. Words can’t describe how excited we’ll all be as we approach the golden nipple again this fall!

golden nip

Finally getting your Pretzelini or Pink Weiner

On an every weekend basis, we take a nice stroll to Tri-Pi or to Pink Weiner’s for our favorite drunk snacks. We all know that we’ve spent countless hours anxiously awaiting the delivery of the beloved Pretzelini. Until fall, hometown food will have to suffice.

The Food Cartfood cart

Some days a nice sit down lunch just doesn’t fit our schedules. So, we thank the Bloomsburg Gods for the creation of the food cart on warm fall and spring days. If it wasn’t for super quick Walking Tacos, we would have gone to class hungry one too many times. We’ll be back with growling stomachs soon!

The Convenience of the Drunk Bus

When you’re drunk at Bloomsburg, it’s okay because until 2 a.m., you have a safe ride home… the legendary drunk bus. However, the luxury of this ends really quickly when you realize drunken nights at home consist of someone needing to be the ‘DD’ or having a taxi cab fee.

The Friends You ’ve Made

After at least a week of constant stress over finals, reality sets in and we remember we’re leaving our home away from home and our second families. We’ve become so incredibly close to those who have to play mommy when we’re sick, to those who clean up after our ratchet selves on the weekends, and to those who have seen us at our best and unfortunately our worst. For those of us not graduating, the good news is we’ll all be back together in the fall!

best friends

The Morning-After-Stories

One thing that I feel like every college student enjoys is trying to piece together the previous drunken night’s adventures. From trying to figure out where you went, to who you saw, and to where you got the bruise on your forehead. These conversations provide tons of giggles and maybe some embarrassment as well, but it’s totally worth it.

Two Starbucks within Walking Distance

If you’re like me and are from a small hometown with no Starbucks… having two on campus is like winning the lottery…TWICE! Nothing tastes better than a Carmel Frappuccino on a hot day when your brain is on stress overload. But without a Starbucks in sight, how is one to function?!


You Can’t Use Flex at Home…

We’ve become so accustomed to swiping our student ID’s for meals, and saying we’d like to ‘Flex it’ whenever it goes over a meal plan. Unfortunately, if you try this at home, you’ll without a doubt look like a total idiot.

Having a Routine

For many of us, summer comes with more free time than we know how to even handle. With that much free time comes laziness and extreme Netflix binge watching. One thing I know I’ll miss about college over the summer is having a continual schedule.

daily routine

People Watching on Campus

You’d be lying if you said people watching as you walk through campus isn’t enjoyable. It’s interesting to see all the different styles our student body creates, and how certain people have changed. And, of course, it’s also a good laugh if you ever are lucky enough to catch someone do something embarrassing when they think no one’s watching.


Even though the summer has just begun, we’re lucky because all of our favorite things about Bloomsburg will still be there come August.