Students are anticipating the end of the semester and the sweet summer months ahead, but many students are equally excited for Saturday, April 21, the day of Block Party 2012.

With just a few more weeks before the highly anticipated Block Party event, many BU students are faced with the difficult decision of picking out the best themed t-shirt for themselves.

After a little research, here are the best shirts for Block Party this year!

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“Twitter Tanks and Shirts”

Description: You can purchase either a tank or a shirt, which is nice. For those of you who cannot go an hour without tweeting something, this is the shirt for you. The #GetWasted hashtag is appealing to many buyers. Although this is one of the pricier shirts, this Twitter themed shirt may be worth it! Get yours today.

Cost: 1 shirt for $15, 2 for $25, and 4 for $40.

Facebook Link:

“Bro Tank 2012”

Description: A tank is a new design that many seem to be interested in. It is a good buy because it is fairly inexpensive and provides students with an option different from a shirt. The design itself is lacking in design a bit but still looks nice with the blue text on black shirt.

Cost: $10 (S-XL) $12 for 2XL

Facebook Link:

“Still Tappin’ It”

Description: This shirt comes in not only blue, but also pink. The shirt features a keg on the front and just text on the back. Although not the most creative of this year’s selection, it is a nice looking shirt. For more information and/or to order a shirt, click on the link below!

Cost: $10

Facebook Link:



Description: The price for the shirts is more expensive than many of the other shirts this year. The front features, “College,” and on the back there is a quote from “Animal House” above the text “Block Party 2012.”

Cost: $15

Facebook Link:

“Rehab is for Quitters”

Description: This shirt comes in black and orange, both with white lettering. This shirt has a nice image, but overall is more on the boring side. The message suggests that there is no need to stop drinking.

Cost: $10

Facebook Link:


As many of you know, the ordering of Block Party shirts happens through various Facebook pages. You can type in “Block Party” or “Block Party 2012” into the search field for a look at all the shirts up for sale.

The collection of money for these shirts is happening now for a few weeks and then you will be able to pick up your shirt when they arrive.

Good luck in finding the perfect shirt for you, and remember to have fun and be safe come April 21 no matter where you are on Block Party 2012.