Things may get bad in life, really bad, but you can’t let it get you down and stop you from doing what you love. You have to keep fighting, and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby is doing.

Cosby was accused of sexual assault by about 20 women, many from over a decade ago. All claims were denied and so far he hasn’t been charged of anything.


Cosby will continue his North American comedy tour even though some fans may have refunded their tickets due to the scandal. He is performed two comedy shows at the Buell Theatre on Jan. 17, even though KUSA, Ticketmaster was offering refunds. According to E News, Cosby says:

“Dear Fans: I have thousands of loyal, patient and courageous fans that are going to leave their homes to enjoy an evening of laughter and return home feeling wonderful. I’m ready!” Cosby said. “I thank you, the theatre staff, the event organizers and the Colorado Community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment.”