Last Wednesday evening, Big Sean tickets officially sold out for his concert at Bloomsburg University, and it’s not hard to fathom why. His newest album, Dark Sky Paradise, was released Tuesday, Feb. 24, the same day tickets went on pre-sale for $25, and has been successful sales-wise throughout the country. According to, the album is projected to sell around 140,000 units, making it #1 on the top 200 chart for the week ending March 1.

The track list includes the well-known hit I Don’t F**k With You, and other songs that are on the rise such as Blessings (Feat. Drake), and One Man Change the World (Feat. Kanye West and John Legend). Sean once again outlines most of his tracks with stories about the struggles of growing up in Detroit and his relationships with women, all while throwing clever lines in the process.

One of the best lines comes in the laid-back track Play No Games (Feat. Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign), where the 26-year-old discusses why girls want to be around him and show him off, stating, “I know I’m young but you respect me like a father figure, young mobbish ni**a, probably makin father figures.” Most of Sean’s lyrics however, describe the struggles of trying to make it in his hometown of Detroit, as well as the problems that come with making a lot of money and being famous.

Sean also has a song dedicated to his late grandmother, who passed away in December after a stroke. The track title One Man Can Change The World focuses on him working hard to make a name for himself, as well as the struggles his family went through. The majority of the second verse focuses on his grandmother and the lessons she taught him, and he ends the song with an audio recording of him on the phone saying goodbye to her, possibly for the last time.

And of course there is a bonus track featuring none other than his girlfriend, Ariana Grande. The song, entitled Research, comes out with a unique beat, relatable lyrics and an easy-to-listen-to chorus featuring Grande’s soft pop voice.

Overall, Dark Sky Paradise is a nice mix of highs and lows emotionally, and is a good track to listen to straight through. Big Sean’s concert at Bloomsburg University will take place on Thursday, April 16 at the Nelson Field House, right before Block Party. His album is available in stores, on iTunes, Spotify and other music media outlets.​