Best Outdoor Drinking Games

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Now that the weather is getting better and Block Party is approaching, day drinking becomes more prevalent among us students. Sunny days can call for throwing back a few beers with your friends outdoors while playing some fun drinking games. Here’s a list of a few of those games you may know or may not know:

  1. Slap-Cup: This game is the “brother” of Stack-Cup, if you’ve heard of that. When playing Slap-Cup things can get intense because it’s meant to be a fast-paced game. A bunch of cups are slightly filled with beer with one cup filled all the way to the top (or filled with various types of alcohol, depending on the players’ rules) for whoever loses. Two empty cups are used and players must bounce a pong ball into the cup before the person to their right gets it in theirs. If the person to your right bounces the ball into their cup before you then they slap your cup away and you have to drink a cup from the middle of the table. Also, if you bounce your ball into your cup on the first try then you can pass the cup to whoever you want. If not, then you pass the cup to your left. It’s a really fun game once you get the hang of it.

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  2. Stump: Using a hammer and nails while drinking probably isn’t the smartest idea but we do it anyway. For this game, you’ll need a tree stump, nails, and a hammer. Each player nails their nail into the stump and the game begins. Tossing the hammer in the air and catching it is how you’re able to hit your opponents’ nails. One rotation is one hit; two is two hits, and so on. Last person to have their nail not fully hammered in is the winner. Rules to the game can vary depending on who you play with.

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  3. Dizzy Bat: This activity takes the classic dizzy bat race and gives it a college twist. I’ve never played this before so I’m not really sure how it works. Obviously it involves spinning around with a bat on your forehead and drinking, but I’m not exactly sure what the rules are. I’m sure it’s a fun time though.

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  4. Flip Cup: You can play this inside or outside, but it can end up getting messy either way. The good thing about playing it outside is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your floor. I’m sure the majority of college students know how it works so I won’t go into the details.

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  5. Slip N’ Flip: I’ve never played this before but I’ve seen videos of it, and it looks awesome. Slip N’ Flip consists of two teams like Flip Cup except before the flipping takes place each team member slides on a Slip N’ Slide to the table. Once you’re there, you flip your cup and go back to your team’s line. First team to flip all of their cups wins.

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Personally, I like Stump, Slap-Cup, and Flip Cup the best. Each one has its own unique skill set required to do well, especially if you’ve had a few to drink. There are lots of games out there that can be played when you’re outdoors throwing ‘em back. Some of them have different names in different places but the general rules of the game are universal. Whatever you choose to do while drinking, remember to have fun but be responsible.

Editor’s Note:  As an organization, BUnow encourages only responsible and legal drinking.