I was asked the question, “Why is bed bae?” and I came to the following conclusions:


Bed is bae because…

  1. It’s always there for me after a long day
  2. It never asks me why I’m waking up at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Mondaygiphy-2
  3. It never makes me do anything I don’t want to do
  4. It never pushes me to make more room for itself
  5. It never takes my pillows
  6. Or all of the blankets
  7. It doesn’t judge me when I drunkenly eat pizza in itpizza
  8. Or why I was a drunk slob last night and wore my makeup to bed
  9. Or when I’m hungovergiphy
  10. Or when I watch an entire series on Netflix in it
  11. It lets all of my friends pile in
  12. It always wants me to stay in with it on the weekend
  13. It never gets sick of me
  14. It doesn’t care if it gets made because it knows I’ll be back for some more that night
  15. It basically lets me do whatever I want without judgment, so bed will always be bae even when there’s a real bae.