Mid summer is here and July is upon us! As the days are becoming longer, did you ever wonder what to do with all your spare time now school is out? Summer time allows many students to relax after a long school year. However, summer also comes with much boredom for  people who are used to being swamped with homework.  In my down time, I’ve compiled some interesting places to go, and activities to help beat that summer boredom.

1.  Bounce Fun Plex

Bounce Fun Plex is a building filled with wall to wall trampolines. Bounce Fun Plex is equipped with traditional floor trampolines as well as 360 degree wall trampolines. Located in Central Pennsylvania in Shamokin Dam, Bounce Fun Plex is not a far drive for people located in eastern or central PA. Bounce Fun Plex also has a mini-golf course if jumping around isn’t for you.  For more information like hours, rates, directions click the link below for website.   www.bouncefunplex.com


2.  South Street in Philadelphia, Pa. 

In the heart of South Philadelphia, South Street is a popular attraction. It has a wide variety of restaurants including Steve’s cheesesteaks, Phileo Yogurt, Jon’s Bar and Grille, The South Street Diner and even Japanese cuisine at Hikaru. After filling your stomach you can walk around to the little vintage shops to experience Philadelphia fashion at it’s finest. There is a wide range of style on South Street including alternative, modern, and designer boutiques. The Theater of Living Arts (TLA) is also nested on South Street and attracts many popular artists and comedians such as Imogen Heap, Christina Perri, and the comedian Bobby V.  The city of brotherly love welcomes you to experience South Street and all it has to offer. For more information on what to do on South Street, check out the website. www.southstreet.com

3. Baltimore Aquarium

If you’re like me and have always have been fascinated with underwater life, than the Baltimore aquarium is the perfect place to see an array of different underwater creatures. The aquarium features many animals such as birds, amphibians, fish, mammals, and reptiles.  In addition to viewing the wide variety of animals hosted at the aquarium, they also have exhibits and even a 4-D theater!  There are many different price packages to pick from. General admission for adults range around 25 dollars. For more information about the aquarium like hours and for directions click the link here  www.aqua.org/index.html



4. Amusement Parks

There are many great amusement parks throughout Pennsylvania that are fun to visit! Amusement parks prove to be a great get-away for kids and adults for the day.

Knoebels amusement resort is located in Elysburg, PA and is famous for its food! Not only has Knoebels been featured on The Food Network for its amazing amusement park food but admission to the park is free! Not many amusement parks today offer free admission. Rides are based off of ticket sales that must be purchased at designated ticket booths. Hand stamps can also be purchased for admission to rides. Attractions like the “Twister” roller coster, the “Phoenix” roller coster, the “Flume,” and the “Haunted Mansion” are popular among guests. Knoebels also offers camping, swimming and golf for its guests!  For more information check out: http://www.knoebels.com/

Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom is another great amusement park located in Allentown, PA. Dorney park is a popular attraction due to its great prices for both the amusement park and the water park! Usually amusement parks will charge customers separately for the water park but Dorney park charges a reasonable price for both parks! For hours, prices, rides and other information check out:  http://www.dorneypark.com


Another Great Amusement Park is Hersey Park! Located in famous Hersey Pennsylvania, Hersey park and its surroundings have a lot to offer! Hersey chocolate is known worldwide and the city of Hersey is definitely  the “sweetest place on earth.”  The park is surrounded by the ever so famous Chocolate world, The Hotel Hersey, and the Zoo. Hersey park is known for the “Storm Runner” roller coaster which is an aggressive thrill ride. Even though the ride only last about 58 seconds it attracts almost 1200 riders per  hour. This high speed ride launches the rider from 0-72 mph in 2 seconds. However, Hersey is known for its chocolate and the park along with Chocolate World brings out the kid in everyone. For more information on Hersey Park like rides, hours, check out: http://www.hersheypark.com/


5. Take a HIKE!

The term “poor college student” is not an exaggeration. All of these ideas involve a great deal money as well as transportation. For most of us who are short on cash, try embracing your inner “out-doorsmen.” There are many hidden places like this lake you see in the picture to the left all around Pennsylvania. Not only is it great exercise but it can help you relax. In today’s society we strive off of our “smart phones” and similar technological devices. It’s nice to break away for an afternoon to explore nature. A great place to start is the Appalachian Trail. The trail runs through PA at an impressive 232 miles. The Trail enters through the Delaware Water Gap and runs around the eastern part of the Alleghanies.  The trail proves to be a bit rocky for those up to the challenge. In addition to hiking, going for a bike ride, or talking a walk can also be a good activity to pass the time.


If you have any more ideas, activities or places to go leave a comment below sharing your way of beating that summer boredom.