Beat the Bulge on Break

No need to set aside time for work outs on spring break, you’ll already be doing it!

For those of you who have a perfect routine that you flawlessly execute six days a week at the rec, taking a week off for spring break might be tough. For the rest of us, the lazy, procrastinating bunch, well we may not have as much of a problem getting as far away from the gym as possible.  Either way, its easy to stay fit on spring break, without even trying.  Whether you are departing to a warm place like Florida, or some remote island somewhere (jealous), or staying at home to work or get teeth pulled, there are fun ways to burn some calories and stay healthy, without actually forcing yourself to work out.

These calculations are based on a person weighing 130 pounds, and an hour of activity. (Those who weigh more, burn more, and vice versa.) 

For the warm weather travelers:

Swimming in a pool — 522 calories burned
Beach Volleyball — 500
Bike Riding (on a flat road) — 382
Sight seeing (walking) — 179
Surfing/Boogy Boarding — 200
Backpacking — 351
Dancing — 296
Golfing (walking!) — 226
Jogging — 585

images-4       images-2

And for the poor souls staying in the cold weather states:

Shoveling snow — 351
Skiing — 382
Sledding — 413
Watching TV — 62
Washing the dishes — 132
Playing cards — 101 

images-1     images-5

So keep in mind, anywhere you go, and anything you do, you are burning calories. (So make sure for every pina colada, and mixed drink you have, you play a game of beach volleyball to burn it off.) Sounds hard, right? No matter where you go, have a safe and happy spring break!

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