Last week on “The Bachelor,” the episode ended with Kelsey having a panic attack right before the rose ceremony. It turned out that everything seemed to be fine, however, and all she did was laugh it off. (Because that’s what any normal person would do after a panic attack.) They continued with the rose ceremony shortly after and Chris sent Mackenzie and Samantha home.

Mackenzie samantha

The ladies and Chris traveled to a new destination again, this time to Deadwood, S.D. They learned that there will be a one-on-one date, a group date, and the dreaded two-on-one date.

Becca received the one-on-one date for the week and was taken on a horseback riding trip. Becca was the only girl in the house who hadn’t kissed Chris yet, so she feared that their feelings wouldn’t reciprocate. Well, she was wrong because following the horseback adventure they cuddled up next to a fire and seemed to have a strong connection and she got her kiss!


On the group date, Chris took Kaitlyn, Britt, Megan, Jade, Carly, and Whitney to a downtown saloon and had them write songs about their feelings to perform later on. For some inspiration and insight, country legends, Big & Rich, came to help the girls out.


The date got awkward when Chris and Britt seemed to be getting extra physical around the other girls by hugging and kissing in front of them. While each girl had their alone time with Chris at the end of the night, Chris and Britt took it into their own hands to run off together and leave the rest of the girls sitting for over an hour waiting. Chris took Britt to a Big & Rich concert and gave her a rose on stage at the concert.


Since Kelsey and Ashley I. were the only girls not on the group date, they were both chosen for the two-on-one date that everybody dreads. However, they saw this as an opportunity to show Chris which one was crazier. The date started off with a helicopter ride and then dropped them off in the Badlands of South Dakota. Chris spent some time with Ashley and she told him about the girls’ concerns about Kelsey. Chris then went to talk to Kelsey and told her about him and Ashley’s conversation. This then prompted things to turn bad and Kelsey confronted Ashley about the conversation.


Ashley walked away heated to cry to Chris, but she just ended up crying more when he told her that she wouldn’t like his lifestyle and sent her home. Kelsey only had a smile on her face for a couple minutes because Chris then decided it wasn’t right to keep her there either since he didn’t feel a connection with her as well; so he sent her packing too.