On week four of “The Bachelor,” the remaining 15 women are informed that there will be two group dates and only one, one-on-one date for the week, but there’s a catch. Chris wouldn’t be picking the one-on-one date, his three sisters would be. This is obviously really important to the girls because you have to make a good first impression with what could be your future sister-in-laws, right?

The first group date was a relaxing day trip to the lake, but I don’t know if Kelsey would call it lovely. She actually referred to the place as a “hellhole,” and was putting on a fake smile the entire time. It probably didn’t help that she was also stung by a bee during an interview.

Much to her dismay, the trip turned into an overnight camping trip. Nothing about this date was really that exciting except for the fact that Ashley I. snuck into Chris’s tent and had to bring up not having lost her virginity AGAIN. Chris had no idea what she was trying to get at with the whole conversation due to him being half asleep and half drunk, so he just decided to make-out with her.


While some of the girls were camping, the other girls back at the house got a surprise visit from his sisters. Chris’s sisters sat each of the girls down and talked to them to try to get to know them better. In the end, it was Jade who received the one-on-one date with Chris from his sisters.

The date was a really cheesy imitation of Cinderella. They brought in people to get Jade ready for the date and had her pick out her outfit. She did score some free shoes and diamond earrings, oh, and a date with Chris, so I guess that’s pretty cool. The whole date was one big product placement for the new movie “Cinderella” by playing scenes from the movie as Chris and Jade were dancing to a full orchestra. Ok, I guess that could be pretty romantic.


The next group date included getting down and dirty in mud pits… while wearing wedding dresses. Interesting combination, right? The girls participated in a mud run and the winner of the race got to have a romantic dinner with Chris later that night. Jillian redeemed her athletic confidence by winning the race, but her win was short-lived.


While on the date with Chris later that night, all she could talk about was herself and Chris ended up not giving her a rose at the end of the date, so Jillian was sent packing.

At the rose ceremony, tensions were high when Chris got upset at one of the girls, Britt, because she questioned his intentions behind picking the girls he does. In the end he ended up sending home Nikki, Juelia, Ashley S., and Jillian (from before).

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