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The Times They Need a’Changin

Zack Sterkenberg has allowed BUnow to feature some of his creative writing. Enjoy, and check back for more of  his amazing work. Everyone always loves...

A Most Unfortunate Dream

Even dreams can be nightmares. “Pass the bottle over here, man! Who’s 21st is it again?” laughed Jake in a half-drunken stupor. He was in his backyard drinking heavily with about fifteen of his closest friends while the fire roared, and inhibitions died.

Humanity, a Cancer?

The other night I was listening to a man discuss a theory which presented humanity as a type of bacteria or cancer that has come to settle upon the earth. I have heard some strange theories, but this in particular sparked a peculiar interest in me.

America’s Young, Wild, and nearly Free: the search for a generation’s identity

"I’m jumping on the train to anywhere, the boxcar of my dreams that will carry me far, far away from everything I love, for insanity's sake, or a daring experiment."

The Tale of Chase White

I woke up straining to see through the fog of what I thought were my morning eyes. Everything was a haze, a multi-colored blur, until the unfamiliar white walls caught my attention. I threw a sideways glance to try to decode my globular surroundings. Next to me were what looked to be life-support machines, their tubes jutting out in a thick, tangled mess from overuse and disregard.

First Case of Swine Flu Reported in Bloomsburg

The first recorded case of the H1N1 virus, more commonly known as the swine flu, has been reported. On August 28, Dr. Robbie Soltz, wife of Bloomsburg University President David Soltz, became the first BU community resident to be diagnosed with the virus.

What’s Your Story?

If a random stranger were to approach you while you're sitting having coffee, and asked you "So what's your story?" Would you be able to answer?

Episode 2: Are you feelin’ this?

Women can smell fear from a mile away, like sharks, only prettier and a little bit less scary. I'm fairly confident that any guy from a Bloomsburg University student to George Clooney or 50 Cent would agree with me on this, because staying cool and keepin’ it real are the keys to success.

Episode One: Relationships From a Dude’s Perspective…

This isn’t the high-class grandeur steeped scene of Manhattan; this is Bloomsburg, where deer outnumber people. One thing remains constant no matter where you live, or where anyone lives for that matter, and that is relationships.

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