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An Awful Lot of Blue at the Blue Lot

Nobody likes the blue lot. No one. It’s the best option available to many students, so we take it, but we don’t love it. It’s like the guy in your hallway who’s annoying, but you still deal with him because its easier than trying to tell him off or avoiding him.

Pizza for the Soul – For Free!

Honestly, as college students, we are required by comedic convention to be both broke and starving. The Midnight Pizza, then, is nothing short of a godsend. And the music usually isn’t terrible. In any case, it’s a small price to pay for the twin delights of pizza and not paying for it. So come one, come all, and stuff your face with gladness. It’s the Bloomsburg way.

Inaugural Turmoil: One Person’s View From the Crowd

Instead of being rude to each other, we should have been more than willing to help each other out. I expected much more from the American people.

Commercials: Commentary from the Couch

Nike means victory, both in Greek and advertising. If I were one of these ultra-rich sports guys, I would probably have a television in the hallway constantly on a loop of Nike’s greatest hits. Think about it: those “My better is better than your better” ads with Nash and Peterson...

Relationships: Sink or Swim

Relationships are about relating. They are also about balance, trust, respect, and a multitude of other elements, but the main point is being able to relate. If you won’t like that your roommate sleeps nude, you should probably relate that to her in a way that shows you also respect her.

Obam-uration: View From The Voice

The papers on January 21 all had similar lines. "The Press Enterprise" stated: “A jubilant crowd of more than a million…stood for hours in frigid temperatures Tuesday to witness a young black man with a foreign-sounding name take command of a nation founded by slaveholders.” It later said “He had a message for the world: ‘We are ready to lead.’ Meaning that he, the young African American, was ready to lead.”

Labels Are for Clothes, Not People

The problem with being judgmental is when you start using your judgment as fact, rather than as the opinion they are. These judgments should always be growing and open to change. I’ll be the first one to admit that my first impressions of other people are not always right.

“Just Dance” : Get the Record Straight

Before I go I would like to inform this anonymous writer that I am going to stay on my pedestal because I know what is right and what is wrong and what is going on here at Bloomsburg University is WRONG whether you want to admit it or not. What happened is unfair and it is unjust and I am going to continue to voice my opinion FROM MY PEDESTAL until this wrongdoing is corrected and CHANGE OCCURS.

No Honors for BU Administration

The course which the University has taken to address, better yet, not address, this situation cannot help but to prompt questions of suspicion from those honors students adversely affected by it. This University is by no means slow to report campus news to its students, as is evident by the ever-changing content on the Today page of the website, as well as mass emails sent on a daily basis.

Stalker Awareness Month: A View From the Bushes

I hope this January is just the beginning of a long-overdue dawn of recognition and brotherhood. I foresee a glowing future, where Stalkers will never again be called invalid, or asked to spell our names.

The Over-Awesome/Under-Noticed Awards

I wasted no time in compiling the most comprehensive list of under-appreciated awesome things ever. I then narrowed my list to five, because it doesn’t do to appreciate under-appreciated things too much, as that makes for boring articles.

Letter to the Editor- Critiquing the Critic

In last week's edition of "The Voice" both Berrigan’s and Steph’s Subs shops were compared in a sub showdown. While the two businesses were...

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