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Obam-uration: View From The Voice

The papers on January 21 all had similar lines. “The Press Enterprise” stated: “A jubilant crowd of more than a million…stood for hours in frigid temperatures Tuesday to witness a young black man with a foreign-sounding name take command of a nation founded by slaveholders.” It later said “He had a message for the world: ‘We are ready to lead.’ Meaning that he, the young African American, was ready to lead.”

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“Just Dance” : Get the Record Straight

Before I go I would like to inform this anonymous writer that I am going to stay on my pedestal because I know what is right and what is wrong and what is going on here at Bloomsburg University is WRONG whether you want to admit it or not. What happened is unfair and it is unjust and I am going to continue to voice my opinion FROM MY PEDESTAL until this wrongdoing is corrected and CHANGE OCCURS.

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