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The Small Office of Big Importance

Tucked away in the far corner past Roongo’s in the student services center is a small office of big importance. The newly named Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach is the gateway for any student in need of internship help. Internships are an important part of the college learning experience. Information is everywhere, and the Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach is there to help answer questions and find the right internship.

Rendell pushes for reform of districts

PA Governor Ed Rendell unveiled a proposal which he believes will save money and help the state’s public schools attain success. Perhaps the biggest part of Rendell’s plan is consolidating the states 501 school districts into 100 much larger districts

Three’s a Crowd: Dorm Visitation Policies to Change

The new policy will restrict the hours during the school week when students can house guests and place guidelines in regards to the frequency of weekend visitors. Visitation guidelines will be implemented for non-hall residents and other guests during the week from 10 p.m. through 1 a.m.

It’s Time: Powershift ’09 “H.O.P.E.s” to Recruit More Activists

A global environmental protection and energy conservation initiative is storming Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to put some warranted pressure on our elected officials. The event, suitably named “Powershift ’09," intends to impose the will of the organized youth on our freshly composed government.

Soltz speaks out about economy

With the effects of the economic downturn hitting the state of Pennsylvania, college students are wondering how the crisis will influence tuition costs.

V is for V-day

This month is commonly defined by Valentine’s Day, the month of love. It is also a time to recognize another special time, V-Day. This global movement, so named V-day is symbolic of victory, valentine and vagina.

Broadway’s Simone to Perform

Highly acclaimed Broadway star and an international live performer, Simone, is scheduled to perform songs from her debut album, “Simone to Simone” at Bloomsburg University. The Celebrity Artist Series performance is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 13 in Carver Hall.

Behind the Scenes: a Quest for a New Student Trustee

It takes an individual, according to Najpauer, that “really holds the University students and faculty’s interest at heart. The position brings with it a lot of responsibility and dedication, but it opens up so many opportunities to go to new places and meet new people.”

Hiring Freeze Crisis Hits Home for BU: PASSHE’s Decision Leaves Empty Positions While Funding...

The current economic situation spreading across the globe has begun to create noticeable harm on the administration of Bloomsburg University as the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has announced a hiring freeze leaving some positions vacant.

Experiencing History in the Making: Select BU Students Visit D.C. for 44th Inauguration

These students were a part of the “Leadership in a New Era” program with the Osgood Center for International Studies, located only a few blocks from the Capital building where the events were held.

Feeling followed? January Reminds us There is Safety in Numbers

According to a study done by the National Center for Victims of Crime, 13 percent of women reported having been stalked at least once in their first year on campus. The study surveyed close to 4,500 women across 223 universities.

Academic Disorder: BU Honors Program Struggles to Cope With Lack of Leadership

With the retirement of former director Dr. Emeric Schultz at the end of last semester, the University worked throughout the Fall to find his replacement. When students left campus for the winter break, they were left with the impression that Dr. Stephen Kokoska would be offered the position, as he was recommended by the Honors Advisory Committee (H.A.C.) for the job and was appointed to that post by University officials on Dec. 12, 2008.

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